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While analyzing a program quite often we want to know if it uses any crypto algorithm. Knowing the algorithm name would be useful too. Here is the plugin which can help us answer these questions.

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Text and graphics

The last week Ero Carrera in his blog linked to this spectacular site:

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Return to the sources?

A decompiler is commonly viewed as a tool to recover the source code of a program, the same way as a disassembler is a tool to convert a binary executable program to an assembler text. This is true in some … Continue reading

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Back to normal operation

I restored the old configuration and the blog will continue its normal operation now. The hotfix can not be downloaded from the site anymore but its source code is still available. Thank you all for the support! I’d like to … Continue reading

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Silent WMF Hotfix Installer

The new version is suitable for automated setup (for example, in logon scripts).

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WMF Vulnerability Checker

It seems that many users installed the hotfix for the WMF vulnerability on their machines.

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