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FOSDEM did not deceive me at all – just the contrary. There were many interesting things and the talk I liked the most was about valgrind. The very obvious idea after it was “why not develop a security scanner on … Continue reading

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Nice dynamic graph

A nice dynamic graph: relation browser. Something similar could be used in IDA Pro for inter-function navigation. The graph nodes would be functions and static data variables, the edges would represent function calls and data accesses…

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Capricious programming

Textbooks on software engineering prescribe to check preconditions at the beginning of a function. This is a really good idea: the sooner we detect that the input data or environment does not match our expectations, the easier it is to … Continue reading

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Each year in Brussels, Belgium there is a conference called FOSDEM. It is organized on the last weekend of February. There seem to be some interesting talks about security and program developement this year. The development track is almost fully … Continue reading

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I realized that it is quite easy to make FindCrypt work with big endian programs. For that we just need to know the size of each constant array element and swap them if required. So here is the second version … Continue reading

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