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Portable output for assembler

Sometimes unexpected detours are necessary to reach the goal. Take this simple assembly code:

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Sainte Ida

Apparently she was someone very pious and spiritual Today is her day. IDA Pro started as a simple abbreviation but we quickly got used to the image of this nice lady (in fact the person depicted on the image … Continue reading

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Improving IDA analysis

For a typical MS Windows executable IDA does quite good job of recognizing code and creating functions and usually the result is eye-pleasing and easy to decipher. The analysis is quite good but not perfect – there are cases when … Continue reading

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IDA graph mode

The new IDA Pro introduces the graph mode. The disassembly of the current function is displayed as a graph: each basic block is represented as a node and cross references are represented as edges. It is easy to zoom, move, … Continue reading

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