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Hex-Rays SDK is ready!

A binary analysis tool like a decompiler is incomplete without a programming interface. Sure, decompilers tremendously facilitate binary analysis. You can concentrate of the program logic expressed in a familiar way. Just add comments, rename variables and functions to get … Continue reading

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IDA and Microcontrollers

If you ever used IDA to analyze embedded stuff, you would immediately notice its pc-centric nature. While any embedded SDK targets specific devices with real-world part numbers, IDA just provides you with a universal analysis framework. You are supposed to … Continue reading

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Negated structure offsets

A month ago I received a support request: If I have an instruction like mov eax, [edi-0ch] and I know that that’s really the sum of an offset to a structure not at edi and the offset of a member … Continue reading

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What happened to OpenRCE, does anyone know? It would be a pity to lose such a nice resource. This news is not a bright one neither but I hope that the explanation for openrce is purely technical.

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