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Symbian AppTRK

Things are quite easy with the Symbian TRK! Today I decided to write a small program to interact with it and everything worked extremely smoothly. My driver program can download a SIS file to the phone, automatically install and run … Continue reading

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Hello Symbian!

Yesterday I created my first Symbian program Sure enough, it was a “hello world” and to tell the truth I did not write it myself. But it still took me 3 (three) hours to get it running on Nokia E51. … Continue reading

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New Hex-Rays Demo

This has been online for a while now, I just had no time to announce it properly: a new thorough demo of the decompiler by, our US distributor: This demo is not just a teaser like the previous one. … Continue reading

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Pythonic way

A brilliant blog post by Ero Carrera: IDAPython in action: Just note how concise and powerful is the script!

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Tricky jump tables

Just a quick post to announce that we have published a small plugin to specify jump table information. When IDA misses them, the flow charts are virtually useless – they fall apart into several loosely connected components and the logic … Continue reading

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