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Finding instructions

Searching for instructions and opcodes is a basic necessity for security researchers, therefore to address this issue IDA Pro provides many search facilities, among them we list: Text search: Used to search the listing for text patterns (regular expressions are … Continue reading

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An attempt to reconstruct the call stack

Walking the stack and trying to reconstruct the call stack is a challenge (especially if no or little symbolic information is present) and there are many questions to be answered in order to have a correct call stack: Determining return … Continue reading

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Develop your master boot record and debug it with IDA Pro and the Bochs debugger plugin

Writing boot code is useful for many reasons, whether you are: Developing your own operating system Developing disk encryption systems Experimenting and researching Or even writing a bootkit

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Driver dispatch-table viewer

With IDA, one can use the command line interface (CLI) not only to type scripting related commands but also to send debugger specific commands to the current debugger plugin. Although the topic mentions device drivers, you do not have to … Continue reading

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