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Kernel debugging with IDA Pro / Windbg plugin and VirtualKd

The other day we received an email support question asking if IDA Pro / Windbg debugger plugin works with VirtualKd, a tool that allows speeding up (up to 45x) Windows kernel module debugging using VMWare and VirtualBox virtual machines. After … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition

Have you ever tried to teach x86 assembly language programming to someone coming from high level language programming background and discovered that it was hard? Before being able to write a simple “Hello World” program one needs to know a … Continue reading

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Environment variable editor

Normally, to change environment variables in a running process, one has to terminate the process, edit the environment variables and re-run the process. In this blog entry we are going to write an IDAPython script that allows us to add, … Continue reading

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