Javascript for IDA Pro

Just a quick post to share the joy of having more expressiveness and freedom in IDA Pro. A few days ago we implemented a JavaScript plugin. This means that there is yet one more languauge to write scripts in IDA, and a very powerful one.

All usual methods of accessing the language work: you may execute scripts, standalone statements, or even completely replace IDC with JavaScript.

All IDC functions are availalble in JavaScript (in fact, we just exported them one-to-one). In the future, we will export IDA objects into JavaScript and this will make programming it even easier.

Download the plugin here:

If you notice anything unusual, send us a note, thank you!

Elias will blog more about the plugin in the coming days, and maybe present something handy, as he already did in the past 😉

P.S. I subscribed to twitter a few days ago – it is so dynamic. Will probably switch to it, at least partially

5 thoughts on “Javascript for IDA Pro”

  1. One of the reasons: it is syntactically close to IDC. So if you loved IDC but wished for more constructs in the language, now you can write with JS.

  2. Exactly how do you think 140 characters (Twitter) would suffice in communicating your interesting product news? For god’s sake can people just get a grip and don’t fall for the completely out-of-proportion hype of that Twitter crap?!
    “It is so dynamic”, WTF, how can the exact same thing as a blog but limited to 140 characters be “so dynamic” compared to a real blog?!

  3. Well, twitter is different from blogs. There are many things that do not deserve a separate blog entry but still could be interesting to someone. Just check the current twitter entries to see what I mean. Also, if you do not want to bother with twitter, the obvious solution is just not to subscribe 😉
    The blog will continue, do not worry! 🙂

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