Recon 2010: Intro to Embedded Reverse Engineering for PC reversers

In July I had the honor to speak at the Recon conference in Montreal, Canada. It was my first conference but I really liked the experience. I hope I’ll be able to attend it in future.
The presentations were recorded and hopefully will appear on the Recon site soon but for now you can check out the slides (ODP, PDF). I have also uploaded some of the tools I mentioned, most notably various filesystem extractors compiled for Win32 (download).

7 thoughts on “Recon 2010: Intro to Embedded Reverse Engineering for PC reversers”

  1. Hi,
    I want to translate this code to C or other language:

    does any know software about it?

  2. Igor,

    I own a couple of Casio Ex-Word dictionaries, that you mention in your talk slides.

    Communication protocol between the device and the computer is pretty much reverse-engineered ( ), we are making strides towards better understanding of the firmware upgrade process, but we are very very intrigued by the ability to dump devices’ memory that you mention.

    Do you have any insights, or any information at all that you’re willing to share? Anything and everything will be interesting, especially access to the four internal filesystems, which we know exist, but can’t access, access to diagnostics mode, again which we know exists, etc.

    We’d love to replicate your results with the Casio game, however, it seems that the freely downloadable game was only a short time promotion by Casio, that since expired, and the game is no-longer available. Thus we are somewhat stumped.

    If you have any information to share, please get in touch with either me or with Brian (whose contact info is at the top of the ).

    1. Here is the method to enter the CASIO dictionary TEST MENU that can be seen as a diagnostics mode.
      Power off dictionary
      Hold the go-back key (for newer modules it is near the four navigation keys older modules it is on the left), the page up key and
      the power key for maybe 5 seconds until it beeps and the screen light
      on and popup a window shows the Model and the BIOS Ver
      Release the three keys and press the right navigation key two times
      then press enter key then it will beep two times and enter the hidden
      The information above is a dealer told me. He want to know how to hack the password of the service menu of the manual check. It is said that this menu can be used to back up the system.

  3. Hi Igor,
    I was waiting for your Recon 2011 talk called “Pratical C++ decompilation”. Please are the slides available to the public ?
    Kind regards

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