Back to normal operation

I restored the old configuration and the blog will continue its normal operation now. The hotfix can not be downloaded from the site anymore but its source code is still available.
Thank you all for the support! I’d like to say thank you once more to the guys who mirrored the files!
P.S. Next week we will talk about some decompilation problems.

17 thoughts on “Back to normal operation”

  1. Could you please make a Win 95/98/ME WMF patch since Microsoft won’t? There are millions of machines still vulnerable due to Microsoft’s reluctance to support their earlier versions.

  2. Unfortunately I do not have a Windows98 machine. It is impossible for me to create a fix without it. Second, while the vulnerability exists, it seems to be much less exposed. Thanks for understanding.

  3. ilfak
    I installed your patch and found it prevented me from using the MS fax and picture viewer. I just changed the file association to another program. I just installed the “official” MS fix and would like to be able to use the MS Fax and Picture viewer. Is there some way to uninstall your patch?

  4. Yes, the hotfix comes with an uninstaller. You can uninstall it from the Add/Remove Programs window. It will be listed as “Windows Metafile Hotfix”
    The hotfix does not disable the Fax and Picture viewer. To be able to use the viewer you will need to restore the original setting for the file assiciation.
    To learn about alternative methods of uninstalling the patch, I recommend you to read a nice and comprehensive FAQ from CastleCops:

  5. Hi! It looks like there are 2 new WMF vulnerabilities that have been reported. Microsoft has poo-pooed them away, but it is an exploit that can be used to 100% crash a windows machine every time with a BSOD with an error message that doesnt match what happened. Any possibility either (a) your patch already blocks that threat or (b) you will work on a fix for that?

  6. Hi Ilfak,
    My name is Benny. I have a business proposition for you. Would you consider it? Please send me an e-mail.
    Thank you..

  7. Ever since I installed the “hotfix”, deregistered shimgvw.dll, then registered shimgvw.dll and undid the hotfix and installed the MS fix, I cannot send email from MS Outlook. Any ideas?

  8. At first sight it looks like a problem not linked to the patch or hotfix. They modify the graphical subsystem which displays things on the screen but nothing network or mail related. I’d recommend you to verify the mail settings with your provider.

  9. Thank you for coming out with a fix. Its wonderful to see someone who is more concerned with computer security than profits or schedules and has the courage to pick up the ball after Microsoft has dropped it.

  10. Is it possible to specify the width in inches/cm rather than pixels, so that the centre column is a readable width for all users, regardless of resolution? (Assuming that the browser/OS combo knows the dpi of the screen, of course, and that smug people with huge monitors don’t sit much further away from them <g>)

  11. First off, thanks a bunch for doing the right thing and releasing a patch, your efforts probably resulted in preventing a lot of people a lot of pain.
    I deployed it where I work without issue, and I know that some one here would have gotten infected if that patch had not gotten out.
    Now on to the next flaw, do ya know anybody working on the BlackWorm LAN exploit vector? 🙂 . Thanks a bunch, see ya next outbreak!

  12. I too would like to be able to download
    the patch for 95/98/ME, as my wife is running
    98 on her old-but-still-good machine.

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