Challenging job for software developers

We should permanently and prominently publish this ad on our site :)

We are looking for strong software engineers to join our team and participate in the development of unique software security tools. The candidates must know low-level details of modern software as well as high-level data structures and algorithms.


  • strong knowledge of C/C++
  • knowledge of the x86 assembler and unwillingness to use it in development
  • cross platform development (Windows/Linux/Mac) is a plus
  • knowing the graph theory and how compilers work is a plus
  • ability and willingness to write secure yet fast code
  • good problem solving and communication skills

If you want a challenging job in a friendly environment, please apply by sending your resume to

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5 Responses to Challenging job for software developers

  1. Zura says:


    Is `knowledge of the x86 assembler` an absolute must or `familiar with x86 assembly but it’s been many years now since I’ve played with it last time` might be enough? :)


    • Ilfak Guilfanov says:

      Well, the point is to know the low level stuff very well. Our main product is a disassembler, working on that would be quite difficult without knowing the assembly language. No need to program in it, though…

  2. Someone says:

    Hexrays should have a research division for people that prefer reading over writing code, i.e. doing offensive security ;)

  3. mipsi says:

    Why only x86? ARM, MIPS, AVR… so many more interesting architectures.

    • Ilfak Guilfanov says:

      I totally agree with you. If you happen to know another popular assembler, you may apply too!