Nice dynamic graph

A nice dynamic graph: relation browser.
Something similar could be used in IDA Pro for inter-function navigation. The graph nodes would be functions and static data variables, the edges would represent function calls and data accesses…

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3 Responses to Nice dynamic graph

  1. Ryan Russell says:

    That’s not bad. Though, you really have to try something like that with 1000 nodes to see how it’s going to work in the real world.
    I’ve only seen the couple of screenshots you guys have published for 5.0. I think I’ve mentioned it on the board, but towards the top of my list were things like centering on a function, having selection in the graph relate back to the IDA view, being able to prune everything below a library function, etc…

  2. Paolo Palumbo says:

    Well, with graphs of 1000 nodes, I would probably say that every graph-based view will be difficult to use… To improve usability, I think it would be great to have the possibility of collapsing a subgraph into a single node: after analyzing a subgraph, you select its nodes, then collapse them into a single one, so that the complexity of the whole graph decreases…

  3. Pierre Vandevenne says:

    Nice idea. I wonder if future versions of IDA will offer something similar. A small animation would be cool too.