Sainte Ida

Apparently she was someone very pious and spiritual :)

Today is her day.

IDA Pro started as a simple abbreviation but we quickly got used to the image of this nice lady (in fact the person depicted on the image is just a certain medieval lady, not a saint; not named Ida neither…).

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One Response to Sainte Ida

  1. That lady, medieval? She is between 1200 and 200 years younger, depending on the dates one uses. A contemporary of Netwon and Leibnitz –
    FWIW, the IDA logo came from a mid-90s image CD called “10000 royalty free images”, probably some so-so scan of the old picture now shown on the wikipedia (this is the first time I see it on the web btw). I would have wanted a royalty free picture of Ada Lovelace
    for whom I couldn’t find a royalty free image at the time…