IDA Pro 6.2 beta

Soon we are going to start testing the next IDA version. There will be many improvements. Some of them we have mentioned previously:

Proximity view
PE+ support for Bochs (64-bit PE files)
UI shortcut editor
Filters in choosers
Database snapshots

Other new major features:

  • GUI installers for Linux and OS X

  • Automatic check for new versions:

  • Cross-references to structure members:

  • Floating licenses: our licensing system is now more flexible and allows big enterprises to purchase floating licenses. Contact [email protected] for more information.

If you have an active license and would like to test the beta, please send a message to [email protected].

3 thoughts on “IDA Pro 6.2 beta”

  1. Will you still provide old style packages (for Linux)? Those are really convenient, since those can just be extracted to the location.

  2. Samu, right now we don’t have a way to set preferred install type per user, so it will be installer for all. The installer supports unattended mode, I hope this will work for you.

  3. Is there any information on when the beta is expected to start?
    Excited to start poking round with Proximity View.

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