Hex-Rays beta testing is open!

This short entry is just to tell you that the decompiler got a name: Hex-Rays and it goes to the phase of closed beta testing. The qualified beta testers already received their copies and I have some very positive feedback. Thank you, guys!
For the curious about the decompiler, I put the user manual online. It is very short for the moment. I’d like to keep it like this forever but…
The quick primer section shows in more detail how to work with the plugin.
Let the fun begin! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Hex-Rays beta testing is open!”

  1. 2 questions about the decompiler:
    Will it ever be able to handle “dynamic” code where the code itself changes (which would handle packed files, etc) or will the memory space for code always be treated as read only for simplicity of decompilation? I have yet to see any program that can claim to handle self modifying code in decompilation which would require a much more complex analysis engine at some fundamental levels.
    Will the decompiler be integrated into the scanning engine? The disassembler scanning engine can not make the same deductive decisions about things that the decompiler can. Thus having a bad disassembly scan and then a decompilation will require much more user interaction than if the scanning already had an analytic analyzer (jump table identification, fake jumps, etc). The “perfect” approach would be an integration of the decompiler analysis and the disassembler – of course to minimize the interactivity (even if it is an interactive disassembler/decompiler, minimizing the interaction is always the goal for the author and the user).

  2. I won’t immediately answer your questions not to disappoint you but feel free to implement things yourself… 😉

  3. When you say “32-bit x86 code”, do you mean “just 32-bit” or “no 64-bit”, i.e. will it work with 16-bit code?
    Also, any chance for the interactive operation to work in console mode (because of the Linux version) some time in the future?

  4. Well, 32bit in no way means 16bit code.
    The interactive operation can be made to work in the console mode but currently there are no plans in this direction.

  5. Will you include the plugin in the demo version of ida for us uni people who can’t afford to buy ida but would still like to experiment with it. 🙂

  6. I’d like to but the demo is available for everyone… Besides, the plugin won’t work with the demo ida.

  7. When do you expect the hexrays.plw to be available for download. Can’t wait to play around with it.

  8. I would like to ask some questions:
    Q1: Is it possible as new IDA customer to join the beta test? I am highly intrested in testing out this plugin as it would improve my work significant.
    Q2: If it goes “release” will it be available as a seperated tool or free for 5.1 customers?

  9. Subscription to the beta test is closed, sorry. The plugin will be available as a separate product in the future, stay tuned!

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