Never say never

I never thought that I’d be directly hit by an IE bug. However, it happened today. This page:
does not render correctly in IE7. I tried everything, got rid of all validator complaints, rearranged the code, played with the css file, and finally checked the IE bug collections.
Okay, I give up.
Where should I submit the bug or seek help?

8 thoughts on “Never say never”

  1. Does it render correctly in some other browser?
    In Firefox 2 on Linux it looks like you at least need some newlines in the disassembly.

  2. It renders ok in all browsers except IE7. The result seems to be pretty random. Very often the first example renders correctly but the rest are garbled. It goes really bad at the end:
    I tested this on 3 different machines with IE7 and on 6-7 machines with other browsers.

  3. Igor, yes it tries to detect all magic constants. I tested the first 1000 but did not go further.

  4. generally if you get more simple, you avoid bugs. for example, you have span for all, even only to signal a text color.
    you should use code, and font color=green instead of two span.
    more generally again, screwing up all code, then trying to reinsert it slowly, you will find what goes wrong for ie7.
    np for me linux firefox2.

  5. The same problem is present in IE 6. It appears to only be present on the lines that start with the beginning of a span after the spaces. Try extending the previous span so that it ends on the new line, or use BR tags instead of 0D 0A.

  6. Thanks to the patient help of Yin Xie from Microsoft the issue has been solved.
    Hope I didn’t break anything in the process 😉

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