Decompiler output ctree

The upcoming version of the decompiler SDK adds some nice features.
First, we created a reference manual. It is in doxygen format: cross references make it really easy to browse. Second, the SDK is compatible with both IDA v5.1 and v5.2. Third, we added functions to retrieve and modify all user-defined attributes like variable names, types, and comments. Fourth, we added more sample plugins. And fifth, our forum is open. All your decompiler and SDK related questions can be asked there.
Since the “show, don’t tell” rule applies to everyone, here’s a short video demonstrating one of the new sample plugins (it displays the decompiler output as a graph):

Hopefully the new version will be available this week, as soon as the regression tests are over.

6 thoughts on “Decompiler output ctree”

  1. Ohh nice, just as I was thinking of writing a graph view plugin myself 🙂 Although I was planning to use IDA’s own graphing interface, I think it looks a bit nicer than WinGraph.

  2. Yes, IDA graphs are nicer and more dynamic but my experience with decompiler development shows that it is handier to have an external graph drawing program. It is so because the graph is not frozen when you hit a breakpoint in the debugger. Usually it is exactly at that point you want to browse the graph.
    However, I have the code to display the graph in IDA; will post it on the board after the release.

  3. Well, they should technically use a different thread for for the debugger than the rest of the program…
    It… just makes sense.

  4. The debuggers that I use are not so advanced: when a breakpoint is hit, they suspend the whole program.

  5. Hi Ilfak,
    >However, I have the code to display the graph in IDA; will post it on the board after the release.
    I couldn’t find the code on the board. Could you please provide a direct link to it? Thanks a lot!

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