IDA on iPhone

Good news for real iPhone fans: we ported IDA to iPhone! It can handle any application and provides the same analysis as on other platforms. It is funny to see IDA on a such small device:

Only the biggest iPhone fans will consider using it for real, though. The input is awkward because everything runs within a terminal emulator window. For any action, the onscreen keyboard must be invoked and then hidden away to reclaim the screen estate. Improving TVision to run natively on iPhone GUI is the next step but we leave it for the most zealous iPhone supporters 😉
Below are some pictures for your enjoyment. The file selection dialog box:

It runs slower than on big “real” computers but the speed is acceptable:

The disassembly is just like everywhere else:

All standard commands and hotkeys continue to work:

Carry your IDA everywhere with you! Isn’t this nice:

It was fun; I would not be surprised if IDA runs on more devices in the future 😉

9 thoughts on “IDA on iPhone”

  1. great news for enthusiasts 🙂 are there any plans for porting “iDA” over to WiNCE? 🙂

  2. No way!! This morning I was looking for a Iphone dissembler. Not only have you created such an app, but its good old IDA! This is great! Got an Iphone Hiew? awesome.

  3. This would be the first time that IDA has executed on a non-x86 architecture, right? Nice work!

  4. We did compile IDA for OpenBSD long ago but there are too few users to release it as a public product. Anyway, this is our current impression 😉

  5. It is not available publicly, sorry for that. However, if you have a current ida license and want to play (just to play) with it, feel free to send a request to the support

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