IDA v5.4 demo

Just a quick note for interested parties: we prepared the new demo version of IDA Pro. The new demo includes the bochs debugger. The debugger is fully functional with just one limitation: it will become inactive after a number of commands. I prefer to tell you this in advance rather than this limitation to be discovered in the middle of a heavy debugging session 😉
Here’s the download link:

5 thoughts on “IDA v5.4 demo”

  1. Ahhh…Still no better debugger with the new release 🙁
    When will you guys stop treating the debugger in IDA like a second order citizen and make it more like OllyDBG or Syser debugger?
    I think this should be the next priority.
    Please tell me what you think. Thanks.

  2. That screenshot looks promising 🙂
    Well, quickly like that off the top of my head:
    -Ability to modify assembly code on the fly from whitin the disassembly window (Assemble)
    +Of courses changes are not persisted to the disassembly and are done in memory only
    +changes might be persisted in the IDA file and applied automatically next time the process is debugged (might be tricky)
    -Memory dump with possibilty to edit data/advanced search/un-assemble data (and assemble) & memory pages
    -Memory map of process and view of loaded modules
    -Possibility to unassemble a loaded module on the fly from the debugger, or auto load an previously IDA unassembled module
    -Clicking on a process/memory region takes you to the offset in process memory
    -Show x64, MMX, SSE and SSE2 registers
    -Possibility of debugging with the Hex-Rays decompiler output
    -Configurable hotkey to bring momentarely the debugged application to the front (for conveniance in case the listing is covering it)
    -Possibilty to edit registers directly…why the need for a popup? (at least make it an option)
    …Just to name a few suggestions

  3. Thanks for the list. Some of the items are already present in IDA (which just proves that it is huge and nobody can remember all its features ;), others are new. Alas, it is not ideas that we lack… We internally discuss very interesting ideas and have to postpone them again and again

  4. I agree with Jason, the lack of ability to modify assembly code and memory is really a pain in the neck since sometimes it is necessary to “force” another code flow on the fly.

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