Function call graph plugin sample

IDA Pro already has a function call graph facility, nonetheless it employs WinGraph32.

Although it is helpful, it is not very useful just because it lacks interactivity.
Wingraph function call graph
For demonstration purposes, we created a sample plugin that uses the graph functions from the SDK to achieve the same thing but with a bit more of interactivity: double-click to jump to a node, search node by name (also search next), etc…
One can easily modify the plugin to also add a navigation stack or perhaps more filters.
plugin function call graph
After the plugin is installed it will create a new menu item in Views / Subviews / Function call graph, also make sure you right-click in the graph to see the options and hotkeys.
To recompile the plugin you need IDA Pro SDK version 5.5
Hope you find it useful!
Click here to download the plugin

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2 Responses to Function call graph plugin sample

  1. Avi Cohen Stuart says:

    Very nice! I’ll try to add data references to functions if I find the time…

  2. Hi Avi,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Due to the current limitation of what and how the graph can render things, data reference is possible to code but not very clear when you want to represent it with the means avail.
    Anyway, if you come up with something useful please share.