Hex-Rays beta testing is open!

This short entry is just to tell you that the decompiler got a name: Hex-Rays and it goes to the phase of closed beta testing. The qualified beta testers already received their copies and I have some very positive feedback. Thank you, guys!
For the curious about the decompiler, I put the user manual online. It is very short for the moment. I’d like to keep it like this forever but…
The quick primer section shows in more detail how to work with the plugin.
Let the fun begin! 🙂

Automated binary analysis woes

If you used IDA Pro for a while, you might have noted that it contents itself
with simple things. It neatly displays the disassembly listing.
It allows you to improve the listing by adding names and comments. You can manually define
your symbols, types, functions. IDA itself can add some types and discover some
program properties, but
overall the performed analyses appear to be rather modest.

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