Symbian AppTRK

Things are quite easy with the Symbian TRK! Today I decided to write a small program to interact with it and everything worked extremely smoothly. My driver program can download a SIS file to the phone, automatically install and run it. It reacts to debugging events and gracefully closes the connection when the application terminates. Below are just a few pictures for the curious.

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Hello Symbian!

Yesterday I created my first Symbian program 🙂 Sure enough, it was a “hello world” and to tell the truth I did not write it myself. But it still took me 3 (three) hours to get it running on Nokia E51. The good side is that I learned a lot about possible failures with Symbian applications (there are quite many of them, some of them with cryptic error messages like “install failed”).

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New Hex-Rays Demo

This has been online for a while now, I just had no time to announce it properly: a new thorough demo of the decompiler by, our US distributor:

This demo is not just a teaser like the previous one. It is much deeper and shows many decompiler aspects in detail: it starts with the plugin configuration, shows a couple of simple decompilation cases, and then moves on to more complex functions. If you wondered how to improve the resulting pseudocode and handle typical cases, this video is for you!

Tricky jump tables

Just a quick post to announce that we have published a small plugin to specify jump table information. When IDA misses them, the flow charts are virtually useless – they fall apart into several loosely connected components and the logic is completely hidden. This plugin is especially useful for rarely used processors with unusual switch idioms.
The plugin and its source code can be found on our forum.