Some functions are neater than the decompiler thinks

The decompiler makes some assumptions about the input code. Like that call instructions usually return, the memory model is flat, the function frame is set properly, etc. When these assumptions are correct, the output is good. When they are wrong, well, the output does not correspond to the input. Take, for example, the following snippet:

The decompiler produces the following pseudocode:

Apparently, the v3 variable (it corresponds to edx) is not initialized at all. Why?

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Symbian debugger

It works! There are lots of limitations but it is alive, handles breakpoints, exceptions, and even some limited tracing is available. It is possible to launch processes and attach to them. Here is just one screenshot:

Expect many limitations in the first version (no hardware bpts, limited multithread support, etc). One of the most annoying shortcomings is that the memory layout is not determined automatically – we had to introduce ‘manual memory regions’ window to overcome this.
Since it is a new beast and many aspects need polishing, beta testers are welcome!