Software developer, the author of the IDA Pro disassembler program

My main expertise is binary program analysis, design and implementation
of large software systems, information security, code audit.
I'm also interested in decompilation and software semantics in general.

My deep belief is that the current software development methods
can and should be improved. We need better tools and automated
software verification systems. Otherwise our computers will
continue to be brittle and unreliable. During 21 years of my
working career I saw them improving at the incredible pace, but
still the overall quality is not good enough.

IDA Pro: the biggest software system I wrote, IDA Pro, is used
today by security specialists to dissect viruses and malware.
Binary program analysis is a very slow and error prone process.
If we want to survive in the modern world, we need better tools
than IDA Pro, perhaps something built on the top of it.

Photorescue: another nice program I'm happy to have developed.
This is a small yet useful utility to restore lost pictures for digital cameras.
I wish you never need to use it, but if you lose and accidentally
delete a photo, give it a try.

If time permits, I give trainings and lectures. In the past
I was a lecturer for IBM East Europe/Russia, now the main
topic of my trainings is IDA Pro.

I have the following publications:

Since late 90s I have been living and working in Liege, Belgium.
I'm the founder of Hex-Rays sa, which distributes IDA Pro and Hex-Rays Decompiler.


IDA Pro, software development, code audit, information security, lectures and trainings.